Dr. Arthur L. Kaminsky DDS

Dental Care, North Lauderdale, FL

Honesty Is Our #1 Priority

What keeps you beaming with self-confidence?

A shining, healthy set of teeth!

Dr. Arthur L. Kaminsky guarantees an immaculate smile on your face!

He is your proficient dentist who has over 30 years of experience in general dentistry services–assuring wide grins!

He attempts to make your visit to the dentist hassle-free and soothing. The procedures and treatments followed by him are advanced and he uses the latest technology. He offers exceptional services at affordable prices.

Dr. Arthur L. Kaminsky has the experience and expertise that helps him maintain a loyal client base.

His goal is to make your spine-chilling visit to the dentist pleasing and fun!

Insurance Assignments Accepted.

Serving Pompano Beach, Florida.

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